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A few things we love doing!


Hazard Management

Rykneld has the expertise to conduct risk assessments, lead Hazard Identifications, deliver the risk evaluation and acceptance along with documenting the system requirements.

Essentially, can deliver all aspects of the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM-RA) legislation except for the acting as the Proposer or conduct the Independent Assessment conducted by an Assessment Body.


Route Compatibility

Are you a Train Operating Company who wishes to run a service over a new line of route? Rykneld Engineering Ltd. can conduct the compatibility assessment in accordance with Railway Industry Standard RIS-8270-RST. This would include assessment of the rolling stock against the rail infrastructure as well as the infrastructure against the rolling stock, all within the same report.

The report we produce also contains a draft Statement of Compatibility so it could be classed as a complete Compatibility File; sections of which can be shared with affected parties for their review.


Industry Forum Attendence

Rykneld has the capacity to offer a service to attend high level meetings on your behalf. Collating all the presented information into a report for your review.


The Information Gap!

Rykneld understands that not everybody can know everything. Our aim is to provide an effective service which essentially plugs the knowledge or expertise gap you may have in your organisation.


Project Management

Rykneld has a background in managing large scale projects covering the introduction of new technology, fleet maintenance, major vehicle repair and heavy overhaul.


Right Direction?

Rykneld can deliver documents/reviews of documentation supporting changes to the Railway System in areas such as rail vehicle modifications (On Track Plant, On Track Machines, Freight wagon, Locomotive and Passenger vehicle), rail operational aspects, signalling and can also support third party on vehicle testing.


Get You On The Right Track!

What ever your needs are, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you required a service we cannot provide, we aim to guide you in the right direction as a minimum.

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